Fixed: Fallout 3 Crashes on Startup

Fixed: Fallout 3 Crashes on Startup

I’ve discovered Fallout 3 about a year late. This hasn’t been a bad thing, really, since I was able to pick up the “Game of the Year Edition”, which includes the expansion sets. The game has an incredibly compelling storyline and excellent visual and gameplay design.

Fallout 3


I’m also using Windows 7, which I’m happy with, but have found that after installing the second disk containing the extra missionsthe game has crashed on startup. Every time. It’s been really frustrating. I think I would have given up had I not played a good part of the way through the original game and found it so compelling.

After a lot of fiddling around, I’ve found the answer. The issue is that Fallout 3’s executable file gets updated by the add-on pack. Once this happens, it can’t handle some of the visual elements provided by Windows 7 (and also presumably Vista). To fix it:

  • Right click on the executable (it’s in your Fallout 3 folder, called “Fallout3.exe”)
  • On the pop-up menu, choose “Properties”
  • Click the tab marked “Compatibility”
  • Tick the last three boxes under “Settings”.
  • Run the game from the launcher – make sure you enable the add-ons under the data section in the Launcher.

I hope this helps. Finding a solution to this on the Forums was impossible. It seems there are a lot of issues with the Game of the Year Edition.

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