Terminator Fancy Dress

February 4, 2014 // Featured, Out and About

Every year, around January/ February, a bunch of us get together at a rented house in the countryside to celebrate a couple of birthdays. There are nice walks in the country, good food and a Fancy Dress party. The theme this year was “Movie Characters” (last year it was “Myths and Legends”). Since we’d both…


Big Lift!

December 4, 2013 // Featured, Online/News

I have been powerlifting for about a year. The powerlifting training was originally meant to be a kind of rehab from a surgery I had back in 2010, but it has now become an end in itself. I’m really very pleased with the progress I’ve made since I started. With a total maximum lift of…


Just Married!

August 23, 2013 // Featured, Out and About

At 1:30PM in Leicester on 23rd August 2013 – Rebecca and I got married. We had a wonderful, unforgettable day, surrounded by the love of family and friends. Plenty of photos are available here: Photography


Getting Married in a Week!

August 16, 2013 // Coffee, Featured, Out and About

In exactly one week from now, Rebecca and I will be getting married. I’ll save the gushy stuff for my speech, but we’re both really excited about this beginning of the rest of our lives together. Our theme is going to revolve a little around coffee, and our invitations were very obviously coffee-based. We’re quite…

low carb chips or crisps

Green No Carb Crisps

May 17, 2013 // Featured, Recipes

I’m following a low carb diet at the moment. I’m not allowed anything involving rice, pasta, potatoes, bread. I’m not allowed anything with sugar, and that includes fruit, unfortunately. I am allowed meat, nuts and plenty of green vegetables. At first, I was grumpy and felt a bit run down, but I adjusted quickly and…

Left to Right: Drip filter, Moka pot, Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee Taste Challenge

May 13, 2013 // Coffee, Featured

As a leaving present from my last company, I was given an AeroPress, a coffee maker that looks like a big syringe. This was a very appropriate gift because I’m a bit of a coffee addict (I’ve even got a section on coffee on this blog), and I think sometimes I’d resort to shooting up…

Harrow on the Hill gantry ceremony

May Day at Harrow on the Hill

May 9, 2013 // Out and About

  Another feature on the Hill has been the scaffold on the High Street, which stood in front of the King’s Head hotel for about 230 years until the hotel was redeveloped into flats. This part of the world was significant in the days of coach and horse transportation: Harrow used to be a stopping…

dealift 160kg

Lifting Big!

April 27, 2013 // Featured, Out and About

I’ve been going to the gym on and off for many years. Sometimes, I was training just for the hell of it, other times to support my sporting goals (for some time I did Kyokushinkai karate). I started off training at the rather excellent Riverside Gym in Hampton Court. The owner, Myles, has achieved great…

sitting next to a man dressed as a bee

Oh Bee-Have!

April 25, 2013 // Featured, Out and About

Whilst having lunch in Covent Garden with friends over the weekend, we noticed a few people dressed as bees handing out flyers. I thought I’d get a photo with one of them, posing as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, even though there are so many things wrong with this picture… The guy…


Ciaran’s Cross-Channel Chilli Recipe

November 22, 2012 // Featured, Recipes

Our oven is pretty rubbish, so for a nice hearty sunday dinner, I’ll often cook up a chilli – it’s usually a hit in the house and with guests, and I always make a little too much so that I can fill my week with meaty leftovers. Rebecca’s church choir recently hosted a visiting choir…

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