A Snail on My Dustbin

April 16, 2012 // Featured, Through My Eyes

I took the bins out the other night and found this cute little guy on my dustbin. He gave me a nice macro photo opportunity!  



February 12, 2010 // Inside My Head, Religion, Through My Eyes

It’s such a loose term, when you think about it. What does it mean, exactly? Can atheists be spiritual, even without believing in the supernatural? Can you appreciate beauty without always thinking you can explain it, even though the culturally-dominant religious explanation might be beautiful, even if it’s absurd? This video is by the excellent…

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Would you like a Cappacino or Expresso?

October 12, 2008 // Through My Eyes

No, I'm not going to talk about the economic crisis. Not yet.  So – more nonsense from the world of misspelled caffeine delivery systems, to rank alongside the Expresso sign from last year:

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OMG – Biggest. Coffee. Ever!

April 1, 2007 // Coffee, Through My Eyes

Was having coffee with Rebecca and Lee this weekend and it occurred to me that Rebecca’s coffee cup was more like a coffee bowl. And that’s fine by us as we’re both caffeine addicts!

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Soapy Hand Job?

January 25, 2007 // Through My Eyes

I was out today with a photographer doing a shoot for my big super-dooper project (more on that in a later post as I am under NDA), and we passed this. I had to take a picture for the blog because I am such a naughty man! 

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Christmas is coming…

December 13, 2006 // Through My Eyes

… the geese are getting fat. Please spend a penny in the old man’s hat. I was driving around Pinner tonight and saw this house. I nearly crashed my car staring at the incredible amount of work that had gone into this work off superlative illumination.     Have you seen anything similar? Can you…

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What the…?

November 29, 2006 // Through My Eyes

     Rebecca and I were walking to the station this morning and saw this! I have no idea how this car got flipped like this; we couldn’t see any obvious impact marks and there didn’t appear to be any other cars… Micro tornado, maybe? It appears the people in the car got out safely…

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Old meets new near Waterloo

October 13, 2006 // Through My Eyes

I’ve been a little bit introspective recently. I’ve had a few things on at work, a cold and a new PC to build. I’ll try and get to my blog again soon. But I noticed this old gent on the Tube (Jubilee Line approaching Waterloo) the other day and thought I’d post it up. I…

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Poor Beagle Shark!!

September 21, 2006 // Through My Eyes

  Aren’t these things endangered? I was taking a stroll through Borough Market with my friend, Mobin, and we came across this Porbeagle Shark. Apparently, it makes good eating and is a good challenge to a sports fisherman, but I couldn’t help feeling sad that such a beautiful creature is now sitting in central London…

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Cheeky Free Paper People!

September 15, 2006 // Through My Eyes

I’m working at a client site in Borough High Street and saw this as I was heading home. The chap is one of the hundreds of people paid to hand out free copies of The London Paper (owned by the same people who publish the Times and the Sun). Nothing wrong with that, except look…

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