Curiosities - Japan: Toilets

Curiosities – Japan: Toilets

Before coming to Japan, I’d heard about the elaborate toilets here, although I hadn’t read the extensive wikipedia article about them.

This is the loo in my Ryokan-style hotel in Kyoto:

The seat is heated, which is quite a surprise. You can get an even bigger surprise if you mess around with the wall mounted wireless control panel.

Wall-mounted wireless toilet control box

If you look carefully at the panel, you’ll notice there’s a “Hip Wash” and a “Bidet” function, represented by an icon of a posterior being irrigated and of a woman’s head respectively. On pushing the button, a shower head telescopes out of the toilet seat under you and sprays water dead on target.

I asked my Tokyo-resident friend, Rob, how it is that the aim is so spot on, given that people have bottom variances. He explained that the uncanny aim was a result of thousands upon thousands of user tests. I don’t know how true this is, so I’ll just leave it at that.


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