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In March 2007, I was approached by the editorial staff of the New Statesman online. They had found this blog somehow and had decided that they wanted me to contribute some articles for their Faith Column. Of course, I'm not a man of Faith, but I was very happy to be chosen to contribute. I was a little stumped at first about what to write. I don't believe in god. That's it. Opening up the writing to address some of the more common questions asked of atheists (and ones I've been asked before many times) gave me plenty to write about. It's been pretty good to get reacquainted with the basis for my beliefs, and I've had to put a bit of time into reminding myself what exactly my beliefs were in a way that would make sense on paper.  The blogs have already attracted quite a bit of feedback, at least when compared to the other blogs on there. Perhaps being the proverbial "Skunk at the Garden Party" is a good thing if you want to hear what people really think. As my good friend Duncan said, "You can measure the success of your posts by whether or not you get people talking".

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