Joel of Mexico Tribute Page

Hi! I’m Joel of Mexico! My friend Ciaran doesn’t know my surname. Here I am in a lovely pose at Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin. I met Ciaran on the tram when I got on a few stops before and he was very happy to see me! Yes-yes!Ay Caramba!

I came to Berlin a long time ago when the GDR was still around because my land of Mexico and the wonderful German Democratic Republic were eternal friends bound in the fraternity of socialist nations, or something.

Now I just hang out in Berlin. Berlin is reallycool city, no?

I like also to hang out in the Kraehenfuss anarchist cafe in the Humboldt University and meet students. I am not a student anymore, but I really play the Gitarre cool. Like Flamenco man! Haha!

Ciaran said he’d play harmonica with me and we’d go and busk and meet pretty girls, but I think he was too shy. These cold, scared Europeans! Haha!

Okay, so I go now.




(Migrated from old site – first written October 1997)

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