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Part of the “Foods of Many Lands” series.

I’m Mr. Habibti. I like Berlin because I live here and it is my home. I like also the doner kebap. But what I like all the most isWelcome to Falafel Land! the wonderful Falafel.

Falafel is this little tiny ball of joy that you throw into boiling oil and watch it grow. It grows into a big meal for big person like you, no? Haha!

I used to make the best Falafel in town. Gorbachev used to eat my falafel also.
Berlin is a lovely town, but I have been everywhere. I like London Town.

I was in Madame Tussauds. I liked it. They had Saddam Hussein. It was great! He’s a really scary man, though.

I don’t make doner kebab because I cannot beat my competitors’ prices without mincing stray dogs and putting them in chilli sauce. I prefer to make falafel, but I am very sad because there are no customers here in my restaurant. It is underĀ  bridge-railway and falafel is best eaten in quiet. It is the food of the gods! Haha!

I am now making my restaurant into a bio-pizza place of food. My friend Ciaran was very sad when I stopped making falafel. Maybe he will like my wholemeal flour pizza with organic cheese.

Bye-bye crazily Englishman! Haha!

(Migrated from old site – first written October 1997)

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