Atheist Videos

We don't all have the inclination to read stuff. Sometimes, the primitive knot at the end of our spines needs audio/visual stimuli. In any case, these people express opinions on atheism that I couldn't possibly match. Enjoy! And if you find anything that you feel should be featured up here, please let me know!

Douglas Adams – Where does our idea of god come from?

[youtube fyerwOIwfRc]

Interesting opinion on the origins of the god concept. Self-confessed as a silly analogy, but illuminating nonetheless.

Douglas Adams – Radical Atheist

[youtube DUfDWwWKXqQ]

Douglas Adams explains why he describes himself as an atheist and chooses not to call himself an agnostic, as well as what led him away from his religious beliefs.

What If you're wrong?

[youtube cdZCgeoKigs]

Richard Dawkins – Answering Questions

[youtube cSbDUCCjrE4]

Richard Dawkins answering questions at a University gathering in Virginia.

"Root Of All Evil?" – Discussion

[youtube MgNIZl8ncmU]

Talk show discussion aired just after a viewing of Richard Dawkins' "Root of all Evil?" documentary.

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