Sorry I’ve been off the radar a bit recently. Several factors have contributed to this:

  • Work taking up more and more time than ever
  • Hayfever making me drowsy and unmotivated
  • The heat in my attic meaning that I can’t stand being on the computer
  • The sunshine keeping me outdoors and away from my computer
  • Facebook eating up every spare moment I could be using for blogging
  • Heroes
  • Gardening

So it’s the last point, gardening, that I’d like to tell you all about today. Check out these beauties!

I’ve become a bit of a greenfingers of late. Rebecca’s had to put up with me pottering about in the garden instead of being slumped in the attic on the PC, or out at the gym, but she’s also been helping out a lot with moving the plants from growbags into planters. Growbags are pretty good to start with, but don’t give much support to the tomatoes when you need to stake them. That’s where planters really come into their own (plus you can move the plants around easily). We’ve got a pretty small garden, but approximately 15 tomato plants, some rocket, some petit pois and a lonely aubergine. Because of where the sun falls, I have to crowd a few of the plants near the kitchen window. A leisurely reakfast on the weekend resembles the state of siege endured by the protagonists in The Day of the Triffids. So I’ve become a little bit gardening mad. I’m looking forward to the idyll of a place out of town, with a big garden and room for a greenhouse. Soon after that, I’m sure I’ll be fretting about the condition of the lawn and start wearing a dressing gown that doesn’t quite close properly, slippers and maybe even start smoking a pipe.

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