This poster has started appearing across America. There are variants of it, but all feature they child with the gun motif.

The criticisms of socialist, progressive Sweden in this poster, by people of a country with some of the greatest deprivation and inequality in the Western World are beside the point. The message of the poster appears to be that without God, people are free to murder.


Sweden's quite nice actually

Without God, atheists may well be free to murder, but with God, some Christians feel compelled to murder.

Yesterday, a doctor was shot dead on the steps of his church. He was an abortionist who had survived previous murder attempts. Some pro-life groups denounced the murder, others praised a murder based on religio-political motives.

And this isn't an isolated incident. Many have been murdered or wounded by pro-lifers seeking to change something by force they can't change by democratic means:

Michael Griffin – The first person to murder a gynaecologist in the name of "Pro-Life"

Paul Jennings Hill – Expected a "Great Reward in Heaven" for killing 2 people at an abortion clinic.

David Lewis Rice –  Murdered a civil rights lawyer, his wife and two children as part of a campaign in the name of God and against Jews.

Peter James Knight – "Pro-Life" murderer in Australia

Eric Rudolph – "Pro-Life" murderer. Bombed the 1996 Olympics and also a series of other bombings including abortion clinics and gay bars.

James Charles Kopp –  "Pro-Life" murderer

John Salvi – "Pro-Life" murderer

Clayton Waagner – Carjackings, bank robberies, anthrax threats on abortion clinics

Jim David Adkisson – Seven injured. Two murdered in a church for being "Liberal" or "Democrat"

Why don't we also think of these people when we speak of the "War on Terror"? Why do we only seem to call one particular group of religiously-motivated murderers "terrorists" and not another?

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