Perfect start to the day = £4

I never used to be a morning person, especially as a teenager. I think I’m a lot more of a morning person since starting work, but I always want to go back to sleep when I wake up on a weekday. On the weekends, I can’t have a lie-in. It’s all very odd.

I have to admit that I’m probably not getting enough sleep at the moment, with the evenings being so long and the light piercing the blinds so early in the morning now. I suppose it’s typical human nature to see the bad in the good, so I’ll hold off any implication of a formal complaint about the weather, the sunshine etc and just say that I’m probably not getting enough sleep at the moment.

Anyway – the weather’s warm, but the tubes are sweaty and hot, but I’m working in my company’s very cool office near Borough Market at the moment. I don’t often get a chance to work here, usually I’m posted out to some nasty industrial estate or something, so I make a point of having what I think is probably the best cup of coffee in London.


This isn’t meant to sound like an advert, but Monmouth Coffee on Borough Market absolutely does it for me. Hands-down. 100%. There’s even a Facebook appreciation group for it now! It’s expensive, at £2 for a small cup, but a great treat and loads better than Starbucks. I make a point of buying an almond croissant from the bakery just across from Monmouth, but since the coffee is so rich and creamy, I’m almost too full to devour the croissant after sucking down that coffee goodness.

My friend at work, Tom Hopkins, has some pretty damning things to say about coffee these days. Where many of us just shrug their shoulders about the parlous state of coffee on the go, Tom’s written an entire post about it on his blog, including an analysis of the horrors of “Americano” coffee and “magic box” coffee machines. I can’t disagree.

However, whilst Tom agrees about the best cup of coffee in London, we disagree over which is better: Latte or straight filter with milk.

I’m right, of course.

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