Sunset in Alice Springs - take cover!

Alice Springs: Gateway to the Red Centre

May 30, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

My next stop on the Australian leg of my Round the World adventure was Alice Springs, the most significant conurbation in the centre of Australia. My reason for stopping off at Alice Springs, also known as “The Alice” was as a springboard to visit the big attractions of the Red Centre, King’s Canyon, Kata Tjuta¬†and…

Sydney Opera House

Impressions of Sydney

May 26, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Coffee, Featured

After rocking out with Monks, sunshine, temples and tarts in Thailand, it was time to board a 10 hour flight down to Sydney from Bangkok. On the plane, for the first time in four weeks, I had some wine and some cheese. It was bliss – it is indeed possible to become tired of boat…

Meat at the Night Market - Chumphon, Thailand

Traveling Back through Chumphon and Bangkok

May 25, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Some days you can work really hard at having a good time. You can put pressure on yourself to see everything, do everything, tick all the boxes. Other days, you choose to just roll with life a little bit; be a passenger, and see what happens. It’s usually those other days that end up pleasantly…

Me and a Monk - Bangkok, Thailand

Curosities – Thailand: Monks

May 24, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Buddhist Monks appear to be everywhere in Thailand. Monks take a vow to live a simple and meditative life to help them attain Nirvana. Monks and Nuns do not take these vows lightly, the commitment is life-long. They can, however, “give them back” if they change their minds and want to return to a normal…

Praying mantis sitting on my hand

Encounter with a Mantis

May 23, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

After my second day on the Koh Tao freediving course, I had lunch with some fellow students. I was craving pizza, and as luck would have it, that was on the menu. As we ate, some cheeky birds came and watched, daring to come close and steal a crumb. We were all talking about what…

Clear Snorkeling waters - Koh Tao, Thailand

Freediving on Koh Tao

May 20, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Whilst wandering around Sairee Beach to find a good dive shop, I stumbled upon two Freediving schools. I’ve been interested in Freediving for a while, but always assumed it was out of reach, and that you had to be some kind of superhuman to be able to do it. Stumbling across the schools here in…

Coconut Harvesting Monkey and handler - Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao

May 18, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Koh Tao is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. It translates as “Turtle Island”, not because of the turtle population there (there are quite a few) but because the island is shaped like a turtle. I was told whilst on the Koh Tao that the island’s many diving centres issue 6% of all the…

Night train - Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand – Night Train to Koh Tao

May 15, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Before I had decided to take the time to “get this travelling thing out of my system”, failing horribly in the process, Duncan and I had discussed a diving trip – possibly to Zanzibar. In fact, my original itinerary included a couple of weeks in Zanzibar at the start of the trip, followed by Tokyo.…


Curosities – Thailand: The Longest Place Name in the World

May 13, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Bangkok has the longest official name of any place in the world. I remembered hearing about this from a friend who had been reading his Guinness Book of Reccords, so I asked our lovely guide in Vietnam, Wanida, who is Thai, to recite the full name: She is saying: Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya…

The Reclining Buddha of Wat Poh - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok – Temples, Tarts, and Massages

May 12, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

I left Saigon on a short flight to Bangkok. I flew with Turkish Airlines, which was surprisingly good. For some reason, Manchester United’s football squad was presenting the video safety briefing. I’m not 100% sure of Wayne Rooney’s reasoning capacity, so I found it a little strange to be getting advice from him. The flight…

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