Last call for Mr. Chicken

Curiosities – Cook Islands: Chickens

June 9, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To get to the beach! Rarotonga is the spiritual home of Free Range Chicken. Chickens roam freely around the island in vast numbers (my google-fu isn’t strong enough to get any estimated numbers). It’s quite interesting, whilst lazing in a hammock, to watch them scratch and…

The furthest I've been away from home in my entire life (10,000 miles in old currency)

Cook Islands: Arriving in Rarotonga

June 9, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about coming to the Cook Islands. I had heard that it was full of honeymooning couples, and assumed that they would be so engrossed in each others company that I’d be a little lonely. I’d enjoyed the camaraderie of hanging out with other travellers…

Crossing the International Date Line

Crossing the International Date Line

June 9, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Coffee, Featured

I woke in Cairns on 9th June 2012 at 0230. I arrived in Rarotonga after about 16 hours of travel on 9th June 2012 at 0130. Read on to find out how: I was at Cairns airport by 0330 – much too early for my 0530 flight. The usually busy check in desks were deserted.…

Koala Featured Image

Cairns: Serendipity and the Zoo

June 8, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

After my 5 day stay on board the Liveaboard, I still had two nights in Cairns before my onward journey. In my haste, I hadn’t booked a place to stay in Cairns for those nights, so the captain very kindly let me use his internet connection to book a room at Caravella Backpackers. The transfer…


Austin Hanway RIP – Two Years today

June 8, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Inside My Head

June 8th is the anniversary of my father’s death. Today marks the second anniversary. Amidst the frenetic pace of my round the world trip, I often found myself with time to reflect. Sometimes, I’d think about how I would have looked forward to sharing some travel stories with my Dad. Other times, I’d wonder what…

Sunset over the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

June 3, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

You might have guessed by now that I’m a pretty keen diver. In fact, my reason for coming to Cairns was to see the Great Barrier Reef: supposedly the Holy Grail of diving. I was going to be staying on a liveaboard for four nights with a company called Reef Encounter. Liveaboards are the way…

Kata Tjuta Valley

Kata Tjuta

June 2, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Coffee, Featured

After watching the sun come up over Uluru, it was time to travel over to Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas. The Olgas are named after the tallest peak in the range, Mount Olga, which was named after Queen Olga of Württemberg. Kata Tjuta and Uluru are actually part of the same rock layer that…

Approaching Uluru


June 1, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Coffee, Featured

As much as I enjoyed sleeping in a swag, I have to confess I didn’t get much of a lie-in. We were up early for a spot of toast for breakfast before continuing our trip to Uluru. The roads were straight desert roads, the red sands we passed through were astonishing. Were it not for…

Getting settled for the night in my swag – The Outback, Australia

Curiosities – Australia: Swags and Stargazing

May 31, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

My trip into the Red Centre of the Outback involved 2 nights camping in the desert under the stars in a swag. A swag is basically a thin mattress inside a canvas bag that protects you from the elements whilst you sleep. You use it in place of a tent. If it’s really cold, it helps to…

Kings Canyon - The Outback, Australia

Journey to the Red Centre – Kings Canyon

May 31, 2012 // Around the World 2012, Featured

I swear it’s all Rolf Harris’ fault. I had always wanted to see Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) as a child, and I’m pretty sure this was stimulated by something he said during an episode of Rolf’s Cartoon Time (link is not the actual episode). In any case, my Round the World Trip would have to have…

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