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Orange Movie Pitch: “Web 2.0 on a plane”

September 4, 2006 // Work

This post originally appeared on my Conchango Blog in 2006. I need to upgrade my personal mobile phone pretty badly. Conchango issue us with lovely Vodafone v1240 Smartphones, but I was looking out for a hot new deal to upgrade my tired old Nokia 6230. I’m a typical web user. I want to get to…

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Nev and Lee and Bad Behaviour in Harrow

September 3, 2006 // Out and About

Saturday night was meant to be a quiet one with Nev and Lee, two friends from school (See previous Blog entry). I’d just come through 2 stag weekends and a boozy trip to Wiesbaden, Nev and Lee had their own alcohol horror stories to tell. Nevertheless, things went wrong fairly quickly. There’s a simple equation…

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Göran, Göran, Gone!

August 31, 2006 // Out and About

Last night was Göran’s official Carphone Warehouse (CPW) leaving drinks. I left Carphone Warehouse in June 2006 but stayed in England. Göran’s leaving and going back to Sweden with his lovely young wife Monica and even younger son, Isac. So as is usual at CPW, drinks were had at the Castle. Göran (big hair, left)…

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Racists on an Aeroplane

August 29, 2006 // Online/News

I’d not really seen much of Dave Chapelle before, but an online buddy from Norway sent me this video. I don’t usually like to put videos on my blog, but this was awesome! View This Video on You Tube

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Coffee with Craig

August 25, 2006 // Coffee, Out and About

I’m absolutely starving this morning! I trained pretty hard at the gym last night and even though I had a big bowl of muesli for breakfast, I was still craving something. My good friend Craig, whom I met during my time in Berlin, works just around the corner from me and we shamefully have never…

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Making Lung Cancer a Fashion Statement…

August 23, 2006 // Through My Eyes

The Tobacco companies are on the run, it seems. A recent court ruling in the USA has ordered that they take out a full page advert apologising for misleading the public on the dangers of smoking, as well as pay damages and change their branding to remove references to cigarettes being “Light”, since that implies…

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Online Gaming in the News!

August 16, 2006 // Online/News

I see London’s Metro is keeping up-to-date. They ran an article this morning “scooping” the fact that “criminals” are selling items and currency for online games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest. This is old news: it has been happening ever since Everquest was released in 1999. On a more up-to-date note, Wired Online…

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Genius Orange!

August 15, 2006 // Online/News

I’m looking at upgrading my mobile phone. I’m not sure which network to pick as T-Mobile has crappy reception in my area but is fairly cheap. Vodafone seems fairly reliable and is very expensive. I’m considering either sticking with T-Mobile or switching to maybe Three (on price). Any advice on a good network to go…

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Nick’s Stag Do

August 14, 2006 // Out and About

A rainy saturday morning greeted me as I leaned out of bed to look out of my window. It was overcast and miserable. Not only was the climate outside unfavourable, but the climate inside my skull was also inclement; a week of late nights and drinking had taken their toll. Still, I couldn’t miss out…

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The Swedish Chemist’s Shop

August 12, 2006 // Online/News

One of my all-time favourite gags!! View This Video on You Tube

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