Our garden delivers!

Our garden delivers!

We’ve been chomping on salad from the garden for the last few weeks. It was incredibly easy to grow the salad:

  • Get a few growbags (£5)
  • Get some seeds (£3 – actually I got a load of Rocket seeds for Christmas)
  • Sprinkle the seeds onto the growbags
  • Sprinkle water on the growbags.
  • Forget about them for a while
  • Harvest
  • Eat!
Salad and radishes

My mum’s neighbour, Collette, also gave me a packet of radish seeds. In French. I’m not a huge radish fan, but thought, “What the hell!” and threw them into a pot anyway. After 3-4 weeks they were huge!

Now THAT’S Extreme Gardening, for you! 

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