OK, Garden, What now?

This post is NOT part of a series onΒ The Alternative Vote Referendum on May 5th. I have a post on that brewing up for publication over the next day or so, so stay tuned for that.

This post is about something only slightly less depressing: the state of my garden. I’ve nursing an injury and want to avoid any heavy lifting where possible. I’ve not made any effort to protect the garden over the winter and I’m not planning anything remotely ambitious this year. The flowers in the basket and pot are a mess of weeds and there’s something green growing in a tomato planter. I’m tempted to see if anything edible turns up.

Dead garden

Oddly enough, the strawberries have survived the winter so perhaps we’ll get some of them before the army of snails descend.

So what should I plant in my limited terraced garden that gets almost no sunshine, that I can eat, and won’t be hard to lift? Suggestions are welcome!

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