sitting next to a man dressed as a bee

Oh Bee-Have!

Whilst having lunch in Covent Garden with friends over the weekend, we noticed a few people dressed as bees handing out flyers. I thought I’d get a photo with one of them, posing as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, even though there are so many things wrong with this picture…

sitting next to a man dressed as a bee

I thought bees were supposed to be busy!

The guy I sat next to was clearly exhausted: nodding off on the job. He was also scratching himself a lot, so I wasn’t sure if he was itchy in the suit or had some kind of skin disease.

My friends and I got a few photos with him and his colleagues before they started to get antsy (sorry).

He and his fellow activists were from Friends of the Earth, and were promoting the Bee Cause.

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