Nick got Married!!


My dear friend Nick, who’s stag we celebrated in August (See previous post) got married on Saturday to Jenny in Birmingham Cathedral.

I was supposed to be an usher at the wedding, but came to within a gnat’s crotchet of being too late. The M6 was closed. Not only that, but we got lost getting to the hotel to drop off the car. Tom at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham was a lifesaver! He stayed on the phone for 20 minutes and guided us in.

Thankfully the Cathedral wasn’t far, so with a four weddings and a funeral level of cursing as we pulled on our best outfits, we ran out of the door to the Cathedral. In the nick of time, I was given my buttonhole and started to usher people in.

Midway through the service, a couple of American tourists wandered in. I got up, greeted them and invited them to sit if they wanted. They sat and watched through the service.

The choir was fantastic. It lifted the roof in fact. This was in no small part due to the fact that Nick himself is a chorister and this choir was his own!

It was also good to go to a service where the vicar actually had something relevant to say about the person(s) involved. I remember some time ago going to a funeral where is was painfully obvious that the priest had no idea about the man he was burying. In this case, though, the vicar was a friend of Nick’s.

So after 45 minutes, with vows exchanged, Nick and Jenny were married!

The American tourists got up and asked the other Usher, Jim, what the name of the film was that we were making. They had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they had sat through a real wedding.

Rebecca’s mum had warned us to get some food in before the wedding since it would be a long time before we’d eat. She was right, but we were too late arriving to get fuelled up. We were starving even before the photos. It must have been the stress of getting to Birmingham through all that traffic.

The photos themselves were taken in the Cathedral Square. The photogenic nature of the the occasion was marred somewhat by the fact that a load of goths had decided to wrestle amongst the gravestones. I’m a bit puzzled by what brought them out into the sunlight in the first place…

We managed to work up even more of an appetite by walking through the streets of Birmingham and across a large overpass to get to Lasan, the venue of the reception and “Curry Banquet”.

We were fortunate to be seated with some lovely people. In fact, everyone at the reception was lovely. Special mention goes to Nick’s Mum who was definitely one of the coolest people there. Music was provided by a three-piece jazz band and someone’s iPod later on when the innner lunatics were freed from their cages of sobriety.

So yet another one of us leaves the ranks of batchelordom. Who, if anyone, will be next??

Full gallery is here


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