Lifting Bigger!

Lifting Bigger!

In December, I went all out to hit some pretty good 1 rep max lifts prior to a planned stay in hospital. During that session, I failed to complete a 200kg deadlift. Although I got the weight off the floor very fast, I was unable to complete the movement and lock out at the top, indicating a weakness (a sticking point) in that part of the movement. I was pretty happy with my 195kg 1 Rep Max, though!

270kg Quarter Rack Pull


Now that my first period of post-surgical rehab is complete, I’m able to work again at beating my numbers from December. Regular readers of this irregularly-updated blog may remember my post just under a year ago featuring partial deadlifts. The point of the partial deadlift is to help break through that sticking point in my deadlift. Last April, I was doing partial deadlifts with 160kg. This April, my lift was much better: 270kg. I’m pretty sure I’ll improve significantly on that number over the next few weeks.

The real test will be once I go for a full deadlift 1 Rep Max again: will this really fix the sticking point? Will I hit my target of 250kg by Christmas? I’m certainly hoping that these small continuous improvements add up to a big change by then.

Bruce Lee



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