Let it snow!!



We woke up this morning, at the usual 6:30am, to a beautiful snowy view of our garden. There was good inch of snow covering the green borders, the pond and the herb boxes. This would have been a great opportunity to go back to bed and rise later in the morning to drink our now-famous (at least amongst our friends) coffee, eat some good cake and look out upon the beautiful snow.

Unfortunately, like millions of others in and around London, we had to go to work.

So, pulling on our clothes and then pulling on some more clothes over our clothes and not forgetting to pull some more clothes on after that; and then gloves, we headed outside.

Due to a tight schedule that evening, we needed to drive to the station that morning, so we got into the car. Although it was now daytime outside, it was night-time inside the car because a huge drift of snow blocked out all the light. We managed to get in with only a minimum of snow falling into the car. Well satisfied, we next had to work out how to clear the side windows of snow. Rebecca opened her window and the snow fell away from the car. I opened my window and the snow fell into the car. Go figure.

We got five feet away from the house and were stuck in a traffic jam on the Hill. Yes! On the Hill! Incredible!

Such is the power of snow in the place known as “Great Britain”.

We reversed the five feet back into our parking space and started marching towards the station. On the way, Harrow schoolboys frolicked in the snow and pelted each other with snowballs in a mixture of bravado and bloodlust.

This blog is nothing if not obvious: the station was heaving. The status boards flagged all tube lines as either severely delayed or suspended. When I finally got to Baker Street, this was the sight that greeted me:

Such is the power of snow in the place known as “Great Britain”.

Still, in the evening, we went out and drank a Margherita and a Hemmingway in Cafe Cafe. Things felt a damn sight warmer and nicer!

Such is the power of cocktails in cold weather.

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