How to Grill a Perfect Steak

How to Grill a Perfect Steak

There’s nothing quite like a BBQ to bring friends together. This weekend, I had some chums over to drink beer, grill steak, enjoy the sunshine and watch movies. The plan was very nearly foiled by the weather: a massive downpour hit us in the morning, but thankfully had cleared by the time we had decided to meet in my local’s pub garden.

You Will Need

  • A Barbecue
  • Steaks (Ribeye is good)
  • Ingredients for the Marinade (see below)
  • Salad and sweet potatoes.
  • Tongs for turning the steaks
  • A BBQ thermometer (optional)


The Marinade

Duncan brought over three ribeye steaks  from his local butcher shop, the Ginger Pig. I put these into a marinade for the 90 minutes or so it took for us to have a couple of beers at the pub, and slow roast some sweet potatoes. Here’s the marinade:

  • 75ml extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice from half a freshly-squeezed lemon.
  • 2 crushed cloves of garlic
  • 1 handful fresh thyme (finely chopped)
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano

Don’t marinade the steak in the fridge. You want the steaks to be at room temperature and you won’t be marinating them for more than 90 minutes.


Grilling the steak

Duncan brought his BBQ thermometer along to the festivities and did the honours at the grill whilst I whipped up a quick salad. Duncan watched the thermometer like a hawk until it hit 120° Fahrenheit (it was an American thermometer – that’s 48°C to us sensible folk). Then we let the steaks rest for a few minutes.

Of course the other way to do it is get steaks that are about 3 to 4cm thick, get your grill up to a medium-high heat and go by the rule of thumb:

  • Rare – 2-3 minutes each side
  • Medium – 4-5 minutes each side
  • Well done – 5-6 minutes each side


Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on one side of the steak and put the salted side face down on the grill first. This seals the meat on that side and stops the juices running out or getting sucked out by the salt.


Once the time is up, salt and pepper the other side and flip the steak to seal the other side.

Once done, take the steaks off the grill and put them on a plate, covering them with foil to rest for a few minutes while you pour yourself some wine.

Serve it with baked sweet potato and salad. I’m also a bit of a glutton for Béarnaise sauce.



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