Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I think I let the side down.

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, a commonly-observed feast day in the UK, mainly due to the fact that it allows the rank-and-file to celebrate it as they would do any other normal day – to get very drunk. I didn’t get drunk, at all, but I did have a very pleasant lunch with my dad at our local favourite restaurant in East Molesey.

For a giggle, Guiseppe served a short pint, which was funny at the time, but the photo of the event is still pretty dramatic, even now.

So I headed off to Nev’s afterwards and since we were both a little bit unadventurous and had blown our budgets for the week, we had a few beers at his place. Lovely, malty beer. Unfortunately, it was alcohol-free.

So I let the side down, but had no trouble getting up the following morning for Mother’s Day, at least…

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