Göran, Göran, Gone!

Last night was Göran’s official Carphone Warehouse (CPW) leaving drinks. I left Carphone Warehouse in June 2006 but stayed in England. Göran’s leaving and going back to Sweden with his lovely young wife Monica and even younger son, Isac.

Leaving Drinks at the Castle

So as is usual at CPW, drinks were had at the Castle. Göran (big hair, left) and I are sitting with some PATNI contractors, to whom CPW’s IT department is outsourcing a lot of its key systems. They’re nice guys, but I don’t think this is a wise move for CPW.

Isac and Goatee

Afterwards, I dropped Göran off home to say goodbye to Monica and Isac. Isac can walk and make noises and spill food everywhere but his calculus is pretty shocking. Here’s the little chap playing with Göran’s goatee. How cute!

I’ll be sad to see them go. Göran stayed with me and Rebecca when he first came to the UK about two years ago. He and Monica have been very good friends to us.

On a self-indulgent note, it made me think: People are moving on with their lives, coming and going, and here I stay.  

Bon Voyage!

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