Fear and Loathing in British Columbia

Fear and Loathing in British Columbia

I think I'll be the Samoan lawyer


I'm off on a three-week road trip with my good buddy Nev. We're going to cruise around British Columbia in a 1979 Lincoln Continental.

I've no idea what our route will be, where we'll sleep each night or what each day will hold; and I'm not sure I want to know either.

Just the thrill of the open road and the fear of the unknown… 

I'm hoping both my body and soul will make it back in one piece, but if they don't I probably won't be aware enough of what's going on to care.

In any case, wish me bon voyage, and I'll try to post blogs as I go or at least regurgitate it all in posts afterwards (in the queue with the dozen or so other blog posts I've only half-written).

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