End of an Era!

End of an Era!

After 3 and a half good years, I left EMC Consulting on Friday.

It’s been a good company to work for and I’ve been lucky to make some good friends there. My time there has taken me through a good dozen or so client projects, half a dozen pitches (some won, some lost), 42 Community Days, some very boozy work bashes at some incredibly swanky places in London, and interesting work in such exotic locations as Liverpool, Crawley and even Borehamwood!

The work itself has involved some great technologies and approaches. I got to know some incredibly talented developers and User Experience people here, as well as getting an education in Scrum. Not only that, the projects have involved contact with some quite senior and inspiring people within client organisations.

This was my first consulting job and a great way to get lots of experience very quickly. I was given lots of autonomy and in at the deep end so I learned quickly, but had lots of support so never felt overwhelmed

My colleague and friend Rachel made this for me with the LOLBuilder. Whilst I’m excited about my next job, I, too, am sad to part company with such a great bunch of people.

If you’re interested in a job in consulting, have a look at Michelle Flynn’s blog on the EMC Blogs site.

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