Drat – foiled by the human!

Happily munching my lunch in the beer garden of my local, this cat walks along the wall. I love cats, so I talked to it and he jumped off the wall and came to say hello back!

I congratulated myself on being a “Cat Whisperer” – having an deep affinity with cats and being able to communicate with them above and beyond that of any normal human.

My bubble was popped mercilessly when the little blighter started trying to get at my food!

I was eating a particularly nice big piece of grilled chicken with salad and he kept trying to get on the table and steal some, so I had to put things in his way and watch him like a hawk. Look at his grumpy little face (and click the picture for more…).

This always happens! I think they want to be friends with me and I then find out that all they want is food!

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