Don't let them fool you - Vote Yes to AV!

Don’t let them fool you – Vote Yes to AV!

This post is part of a series onĀ The Alternative Vote Referendum on May 5th.

Vote Yes to AV

The polls are not looking good. Tomorrow’s once in a generation opportunity to make a small progressive step is set to be lost in the face of distortions. I was handed a postcard at the station today from the “No” campaign, which claimed that Labour and Conservative voters would have 1 vote under AV, but the BNP would have 6. This is false.

So let’s have one last review of the falsehoods spread by the campaign and put them to rest:

AV will not result in more coalitions

AV does not cost more

AV does not give more votes to some

AV is not about Clegg/ Cameron/ Miliband – it’s about you

AV will not deliver weak governments – it will deliver stronger mandates than FPTP

A vote for AV is a vote to increase your power!

This referendum matters – get out and vote!


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