Dad's Memorial Lunch

Dad’s Memorial Lunch

My Dad passed away in June this year. One of his friends, John, organised a lunch in memory of him at The Gun, in Spitalfields. In attendance were friends from his life in the City and friends from his life at home. The pub was chosen because it used to be a regular haunt, and later a place of pilgrimage for Dad and his friends, who used to pre-book the famous Steak and Kidney pudding there. Surrounded by his friends, with similar senses of humour to him, reminded me of the laughs we used to share over good food and drink. The old-fashioned gentlemanly behaviour on display reminded me of his good nature and sense of decency (until he got to one of his stories, of course). Here is a video of some of the speeches that day. As I was the cameraman, I didn’t video my own speech. What was particularly touching was a group at the next table decided to toast Dad as well. There really are gentlemen still left in the world!

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