Curiosities – Japan: Cat Lives

Curiosities – Japan: Cat Lives

This is the first of a series of short “Curiosities” posts from my Round the World Trip – short posts about small observations or incidents that provide a bit more colour.

From what I can tell, the Japanese are animal lovers as much as the Brits. There are a lot of pets and not much space, so here’s one ingenious solution put in place by my (Brit) friend Rob. The cat knows when bedtime is, hops into Rob’s wardrobe and sleeps peacefully through the night with the wardrobe door closed. I was on the futon next to the wardrobe and she was silent.

Neat Cat Storage

Rob’s cat has even been hiking with him – without a lead! He’d take a cat carrier with him in case she got tired, but she’d faithfully follow him through a trail and  not run off! In fact, she has hiked Mount Takao with him.Incredible!

You may also recall that we lost a cat a couple of years ago (he came back), here’s a Japanese lost cat poster on a lampost:

Have you seen this wild-eyed cat?

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