Coffee… Competence?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm a huge caffeine afficionado. Because of this, I often blog about coffee-related matters and today is no exception.

I'm working in Liverpool at the moment. The canteen is run by two very funny ladies called Shirley and Shirley. They make a mean cup of coffee with a machine made by Schaerer or Ontario, Canada.

Of course a company depends on its ability to sell what it does, so marketing's important and getting the message out there effectively has a lot to do with the slogan.

Audi has, "Vorsprung durch Technik", L'Oreal has "Because I'm worth it", Nike has "Just do it" and "Impossible is nothing", Cilit Bang has "One Bang and it's gone!".

Now I thought the coffee I had was good, not the best coffee I've had (Monmouth is still numero uno), but a coffee the Shirleys and Schaerer should be proud of. So if I were the MD of Schaerer, I'd be firing my Marketing Director for damning my brand with faint praise:

Weakest Slogan ever?

Anyone can competently make a cup of coffee. That doesn't mean it's a nice coffee. Maybe it's a translation issue. Oh – and when I saw the logo and the name, I thought Schaerer was Swiss, not Canadian: there's quite a bit of work to do, guys!

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