Can Hillary win?

I’ll nail my colours to the mast: I’m a big fan of Barack Obama. He’s not perfect: he’s a politician after all, but I can’t help being moved by his increrdible rhetoric, and the apparent transparency and fair play his campaign demonstrates.

Having said all that, Obama’s not only winning this, but Hillary’s losing it as well:

  • She can’t raise money anywhere near as effectively as Obama. In fact, some analysts claim that she only continues to run because she’s in debt and needs to raise more money in a campaign to pay these debts off.
  • She played a very dirty game against Obama. He’s played it passive-aggressively.
  • She lied repeatedly before and during her campaign, including a notorious story about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia.
  • She appears to be in the race entirely and cynically for her own benefit, changing stories/ policies as she goes.
  • She seems manipulative, and some have argued that she’s dragging feminism backwards.

Obama might have similar faults, but I don’t see him showing it yet. He has also turned a lot of the mud flung at him into positives, such as his “A More Perfect Union” speech.

Anyway – there’s everything for Hillary to play for, according to this video:

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