AV Myth: "It's Too Complex"

AV Myth: “It’s Too Complex”

This post is part of a series on The Atlernative Vote Referendum on May 5th.

The “No” camp claim that AV is too complicated:¬†Putting an ‘x’ next to a choice on your ballot paper is the simple, elegant method of voting that the “man in the street” understands.

They infer that writing the number ‘1’ next to your favourite candidate, ‘2’ next to your second candidate, and so on is too complicated

As if most people in the country can’t count to at least ten…

Flip to the back page of the newspaper (past all the boring politics bits) and you’ll come to the sports section: a statistician’s dream. If the “man in the street” gets his head around that every day, he’ll be fine with AV.



Tomorrow, we’ll look at how AV is actually simpler for voters to understand than First Past the Post.

In the meantime, have a look at the Yes Campaign’s website.

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