Twitter wall at Agile 2010

Agile Conference 2010: Orlando

I’m at the Agile 2010 conference in Orlando. I’ve travelled out here with some colleague from work and we’ve tactically split up to cover as much of the conference as possible. The conference is being held at Disneyworld, which is a little strange. For example, the towels in my room have been arranged into a Mickey Mouse shape (one big circle, 2 little ones), and my pancakes at breakfast were too. It’s also huge: there are about 1600 people at this conference.

There were so many good sessions today, and so many at the same time, so it was going to be disappointing on some level. Topics I attended included:

  • Becoming Agile in an imperfect world – fairly good introduction to organisation change. It was amusing to see some near replica slides of what I used to present as a Conchango consultant.
  • The incentive Trap – hosted my my old colleagues Mark Summers and Simon Bennett: dealt with how to incentivise well.
  • Beyond Scope, Schedule and Cost: Optimising Value – great overview of how to focus on delivering value rather than just banging out scope for the sake of it; how to measure and plan for value and how to ensure accountability for value realisation. Pat Reed, IT Delivery Manager at GAP related some good war stories here.

A curious feature of the conference was the “Twitterfall”. Anyone tweeting with the #Agile2010 hastag would be displayed on one of many plasma screens in the convention center. Something that Jim Highsmith said caught my ear, so I tweeted it. It got retweeted pretty heavily and I ended up meeting some nice people out of the whole thing: social media really is social!

I have no idea why my hand in this photo looks like some comedy appendage. Oh well. Here’s looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully no jet lag!

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